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if you have felt stuck in darkness and silence, not knowing how to move forward in life and love in fulfilling ways, truly aligned with the essence of who you are and the wholeness of your being, welcome

There is no clear map when we navigate these territories and we can feel lost and alone, we may even come to believe we will never be able to re-emerge.

Whether you have been dragged into the darkness by unexpected pain, loss, grief, trauma or any other identifiable experience or you are not even sure how you got there, please know that when we consciously heed the call to initiation through the depth of darkness , when we allow instead of resisting, we can and we will re-emerge with the gifts that are bestowed upon us towards a fuller, deeper and more authentic expression of ourselves in the world.

I know, I have been there and I have accompanied many women through the initiatory journey of self-revelation.

We can then become whole again and no longer abandon ourselves, choose and create healthy and loving relationships with self and others, renewed passion, creativity, aliveness and purpose.

Both challenges and gifts on this journey are unique and complex for each woman but there are many ancient myths and potent feminine archetypes paving our way.

let me share what I have learned on my path and be your guide and companion on your own journey 

I am a fully certified Person-centred counsellor and Emotion Focused Therapist and registered member of BACP with 20 years' clinical experience in university counselling services. I also trained as a PACT couple therapist, Gestalt, Mindfulness based counselling and Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University, Boulder CO, Tantra embodiment and Sexual Awakening for Women coach with Shakti Malan.

I am a passionate practitioner of the Feminine spiritual path, mysteries and archetypal work. I have dedicated the last decade to researching the experience of Silence, which I identify as an inner experience of a progressive or sudden loss of connection to our Self, Voice, self-expression and agency in life and relationships. Particularly in connection with relational trauma, early attachment wounds of misattunement, invalidation, abandonment, neglect and re-traumatisation in intimate partnerships.

It is my dharma to accompany women on their own journey of Re-emerging from the Underworld, Re-membering and Re-enchanting their Selves, Lives and Relationships.

"Nicoletta is salt of the earth - the grittiest, wisest, wildest of coaches."

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"Nicoletta is salt of the earth - the grittiest, wisest, wildest of coaches. She is unbelievably soulful and trustworthy. There is no end to her love and compassion for the chaos, complexity, and depth of the human experience. When I started working with Nicoletta I was in the darkest of days and deepest of depths. As a female Corporate Senior Account Executive turned Career Counselor turned Wilderness Guide, I was going through monumental personal and professional transitions. I had no idea who I was or what the hell I was doing with my life. I felt completely lost and worthless. Nicoletta met me exactly where I was - and called me on my shit in her fiercely loving way. She helped me rise, brush off my shoulders, and stand in the gorgeous, expansive, centered woman I am. She reflected my purpose, my gifts, my worth, and helped me align to my path and purpose in a way I had never experienced. Nicoletta is the real fucking deal."

Kelly McClelland, Therapist & Wilderness Guide, kelly-mcclelland.com

"I can only recommend working with Nicoletta. She is raw, real, wise, fun and is one of the most deep-hearted women I know."

Leena Rebekah

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